What Does It Take to Be Successful?

We all want to be successful.  What that means is unique to every individual.  A concert pianist? an effective educator? A respected community member? A good daughter?  The list goes on.  

So, what does it take to be successful?  

In 1907, Harvard psychologist William James wrote that humans make use of only a small part of our mental and physical resources. He continued that there is a gap between potential and its actualization. (Duckworth, Grit, 2016)

So here is another gap to close -- between potential and actualization.

Lucky for us, Angela Duckworth explores this topic in Grit ( 2016).  She conducted several studies in her examination of this gap. Long story short: she concluded that passion and perseverance are critical to closing the gap. “Grit still predicts success,” she believes. (12) She describes passion as “sustained, enduring devotion.” (58)  

Translate that to your quest: what is it that engages your sustained, engaging devotion?  “It’ will demand that you devote time to it, that you engage in practice to be better at it, that you both love/hate it.  If you are devoted to “it,” you will persevere in it.  Doggedly -- okay, maybe with some interruptions.  But you will be dragged back to it.  You will persevere because you must.

Perhaps because she is a scientist, Duckworth has a formula:

More details in a future blog.  If you can’t wait, contact me (klearn@mbaea.org).  :)