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I’ve been employed in education for four decades plus.  That’s as close as it comes to revealing my age.  I’ve been asked countless times, “Why are you still working?”

Lots of reasons.   It’s fun.  And engaging.  And informative.  And keeps my brain and body active. I’d like to say “fit,” but that’s an ongoing goal.

I am a consultant to schools and professional learning communities as we all work together to make teaching and learning even better.

Where else do I get to participate in intellectual conversations about novels, the latest (well, sort of) in technology, to laugh, to discuss the needs of students and teachers, and to share hopes and dreams about the Chicago Cubs?  

Learning is a passion of mine (pun intended). Learning -- mine and others.  I was fortunate to have positive experiences in school (most of the time) and to experience modest success.

It pains me to hear of students and teachers who aren’t having positive experiences.  Really.  I’m dedicated to changing that.  

Working with teachers and colleagues to study and implement best practices, standards, assessments is the right work.  For me.  Many thanks to the schools and PLC teams engaged in the process with me.  

Another passion is reading.  Currently,  I’m reading The Nest (personal enjoyment) and RTI for Reading at the Secondary Level (professional growth) right now.  So far, I recommend both.  Thoughts about either?

What are you reading? Leave a comment!


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