The (kinda) Launch of a New Journey

Probably a more appropriate title should read "The Launch of Us Documenting and Sharing the Work of this New Journey...Which We Started Over a Year Ago." But, that probably wouldn't read as well :) This blog is connected to our new Mississippi Bend AEA MTSS Hub that will be the storage house for all of our presentations, templates, documents, and well as a showroom for all the great work we are assisting schools with around the agency area and beyond. 

This blog is meant to be a way of interacting with, and informing you on, what we are doing, learning, and  experiencing.  The advantage of the blog format is that it allows for this process to be a lot more "real-time."

We hope you enjoy and check back with the blog and "the Hub"  often.


Note: We would love to hear your comments!  Please click on the blog title at the top of the posting, which will open up the blog on a new page.  From there, scroll to the bottom where you can like, share and comment. Thanks!