PLC at Work Summer Institute

Remember the good old days of summer camp?  When mom and dad came to pick you up there were one of two reactions: "I am never going to camp again" or "When can I come back...this was awesome!"  My reaction to the PLC at Work Summer Institute was the latter.  I could have stayed another week and still not have gotten my fill.

Mike Mattos and Linda Mannhardt

Mike Mattos and Linda Mannhardt

So why is this institute so much different than my other conference experiences?  At PLC at Work every presenter has such a passion for children succeeding in school and has answers for how and why.  Their enthusiasm is contagious.  So I share with you my top ten moments in no particular order (they all could be #1):

  1. You are not at the table to argue and debate, but to research and study - LEARN together!
  2. Say NO to averages!  Must look at the data by the student, by the standard, by the target.  The more targeted the intervention, the more success the student will see.
  3. The High School drop out rate is not a high school problem - its all of ours.
  4. Why before How.
  5. A high school diploma alone, is a ticket to nowhere.  How do you ensure that all students master essential content and skills to be successful at post-secondary?
  6. An individual teacher does not have all the knowledge and skills to meet the needs of every child.  It will take all of us.
  7. Collaboration is the key!
  8. You cannot improve achievement with results from a state test (autopsy).  Common formative assessments (check-up) are the most powerful tool in a teachers toolbox.
  9. The achievement gap is a product of our thinking!  What is your mindset?  Please read 'Overcoming the Achievement Gap Trap: Liberating Mindsets to Effect Change' by Anthony Muhammad.
  10. My favorite quote: 

There is so much more I can and will share with you about the learning I had.  Stayed tuned to this blog for more insights that I hope will challenge your thinking.


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