Thoughts of MTSS in the Education Field

Thoughts of MTSS in the Educational Field…

  • To be perfectly blunt, everything's so new to me that I don't recall what the acronym is for.
  • My perception of MTSS is a strategic and tiered approach in assisting students who display significantly discrepant levels of academic and behavioral concerns.  MTSS attempts to utilize universal, targeted, and intensive approaches and interventions in getting a student what they need to be successful in all academic settings regardless of challenges the child may have.
  • What is MTSS??
  • My interpretation of MTSS is to give kids the assistance and tools they need to be successful academically, socially, and behaviorally.

According to the Iowa Department of Education MTSS is…

“Multi-Tiered System of Supports (MTSS) in Iowa, also known as Response to Intervention or RtI, is an every-education decision-making framework of evidence-based practices in instruction and assessment that addresses the needs of all students. As an every-education process, MTSS allows educators to judge the overall health of their educational system by examining data on the educational system as well as identifying students who need additional supports. Those supports are provided in both small group and individual settings, and are monitored to ensure they support all learners demonstrate proficiency in the Iowa Core standards and leave school ready for life.

Many Iowa schools are successfully implementing components of MTSS. Together, we will move MTSS to consistent statewide implementation in every Iowa classroom.”

It is clear that there is misconception and lack of knowledge in the school buildings with what MTSS really is and the work that it can accomplish. It is also clear that there is a wide variety of knowledge base on MTSS in the school buildings. WE (AEA/LEA’s) need to be practicing what MTSS is at the building level for teachers and students, so it can help all students in the educational system. 


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