Here I Am Ready

With any beginning there awaits new things to create that never existed, paths that inspire journeymen, and lives along these paths deserving of goodness. As for myself, this year has given me opportunities to work with people I’ve never known in places I’ve never visited for children I’ve never met performing a level of support that has never been done here. With this acknowledgement brings a sense of urgency for creativity and a purpose driven mindset more than ever before. This can easily, at any given moment, flood me with an anxiety that such work is meant for someone else or another time. I often remind myself that these thoughts do not prepare me for tomorrow, but rather zap me of today’s strength. For me, strength can come from simply stating:


“Here I am.”


To say that I am here provides me the chance to influence and inspire an action and the ideas behind it. Whether in a meeting or coaching, my presence shows a commitment and a willingness to share in the experience and grow together. This growth comes from learning what is best to help a child that we, as adults, can accomplish. When commitment and learning are in tandem, I begin to tell myself:


“Here I am, ready.”


Ready to commit to a purpose that is greater than my singular actions. Ready to use my imagination as my tool of compassion. Ready to work together with educators and colleagues to better a new generation. Ready to impact the lives that cross my path upon this journey.


“Here, I am ready.”


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