After reviewing the blogs by Paul and Karinne with references of normalcy from Young Frankenstein (that’s Frahn ken steen) and quotes from Solution Tree, I’m inspired by the work ahead of us. I’ve mentioned so many times that this is the right work for ALL students to achieve at HIGH levels. Helping to create the environment to support this work is the obstacle that is the way. There are many ways to support this process and I’m a big advocate of the notion “there are many ways to communicate a message” in the hopes that the message will empower those charged with the task.

After a full week of School Wide Intervention Team (SWIT) meetings in support of Professional Learning Communities (PLC), I’m cognizant that no one person/group is at the same place. This week saw a wide range of responses from educators having a variety of emotional responses to missteps that caused a lack of access to shared documents (yours truly being the causal factor). Some felt confident although many felt overwhelmed both with the task and the expectation of success.

This is where the HOW comes into the discussion. As we go out into the field to support educators with doing the “right” work, what is our collective presence? HOW do we challenge others, HOW do we listen to others, HOW do we engage others and HOW do we manage this amongst ourselves? Are we Joy or George (The Energy Bus) and are we our own Chief Energy Officers (CEO) in everything we do? When we challenge others (and each other) HOW are we effectively communicating the message? In addition to HOW we are helping, have we truly asked the big question? Is our question “IF” we succeed or is it “WHEN” we succeed? I side with the collective “WHEN” group. The path may be paved with a variety of obstacles (process, schedule changes, negativity, etc.) but that requires us to engage in rigorous conversation to solve the many problems that may emerge but with solutions in mind. This is done when we all have the freedom and confidence to pursue our goals because the HOW then becomes the WHEN. That is when ALL students achieve at HIGH levels.

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