In 2012, the Iowa AEA Statewide System issued the New Compact with Iowa’s Schools and the Iowa Department of Education pledging “co-ownership of student learning goals” between the AEA’s and their local school districts.  The Mississippi Bend AEA offers comprehensive school improvement support as one approach to partnering with a local school district to fulfill this pledge.

Traditional Support                                                              Comprehensive Support

Isolated support to specific teachers                                                  Systemic support

Presentation style professional development                                       Job-embedded application with just-in-time professional development.

Single message for the entire audience                                               Layered support for administration, coaches, teacher leaders, and                                                                                                                   classroom teachers.

Specialized or topical approach, i.e. close reading or mentoring.           Integrates curriculum, instruction, assessment, leadership, general                                                                                                                  education, special education.

Occurs on professional development days.                                           Integrates learning on professional development days with ongoing                                                                                                                weekly support.

What services are typically provided with the MBAEA’s comprehensive support for MTSS?


  • Administrator and teacher leader preliminary book study and readiness planning

  • Districtwide student achievement data review with staff

  • Structured implementation monitoring

  • Weekly ongoing support from an AEA multi-disciplinary team

  • Leadership team training (2 day summit/4-6 sessions during year 1)

  • Curriculum support (3 day summer/ongoing support for teams)

  • Intervention team training (2 day summit/building team support during year)

  • Ongoing collaboration with MBAEA Building Collaborative Team Lead (BCTL) and administration

  • Ongoing collaboration with MBAEA Special Education and General Education consultants with building leadership and intervention team

  • Weekly collaborative teacher team coaching with MBAEA consultants

  • Just-In-Time teacher and administrator professional development on topics including use of data, Iowa Core Standards, assessment, feedback, instructional and intervention strategies


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