Louisa Muscatine 7-12 Language Arts

"PLCs have provided the time and the structure for us in a small school to talk across grades about patterns that we see.  I love teaching in a small school, but a small school can be a very isolating place when you’re the only one teaching a course.  Our PLC provides avenues for professional conversations.  It’s different in a small school.  In the past, we would gather data, look at it, and then move on.  Data was three weeks old, and we didn’t have time to make changes. This year, we enjoyed the sustained focus that we’ve had in collecting and using data to guide instruction." 

-Stacy Peterson grades 9-12

"As a teacher, I always try to have my students set goals and reflect on what they’ve done.  This work that we’re doing within our PLC allows me to set some professional goals and change my teaching according to what my students need so they can learn to their academic potential."

-Kimberly Paustian, grade 7

"I’ve had a wide range of PLC experiences, because when I student taught… there were multiple teachers who taught the same class.  It was easy to get the data and work with it.  The last two years, at my previous school, we tried to do PLCs, but it wasn’t as successful because we didn’t have a direction. It is cool to see this year to have our PLC go full circle - we are data driven and work together to do what is best for our students .  It works for us too because we have so many things to talk about that it is never unfocused."

-Bailie Bonnichsen, grades 9-12

"Involvement in PLCs has given me the confidence to speak up in front of my team and know that my input is wanted and needed.  My concern as a first year teacher is that my class is the last one before they go to high school.  Because of our PLC, I now know what Stacey and Baille want so I can get kids prepared."

-Rafael Benetiz, grade 8