The MTSS process has been a great experience so far. It has allowed me to bounce ideas off of other teachers and really reflect on my teaching strategies. By changing our grading to standards-based, tracking student progress throughout the year is going to be easier. We have already seen results from our Seniors where they increased about 30% on one a standard from the pre-assessment to the post-assessment. This is reassuring to the teacher that the students are indeed getting it and for those who are still not proficient, we have our MTSS time. Once our MTSS is fully functional, we will be able to take those few students who did not understand the standard and re-teach them in a small, more one-on-one, setting. I am excited to implement new ways of learning and track student progress. I think having the students create their own portfolio with their proficient work they’ve completed throughout the year will show the success they have had on each standard.


Kris Bland